Frequently asked questions

Can I apply even though I am unemployed?

If you have had a good credit rating in the past but are unemployed now we still might be able to help even though you do not have a proof of income. We will check if your Jobseekers Allowance will be accepted as a form of income by our lenders.

I am self employed, is this a problem?

The fact that you are self-employed is not a problem, as long as you are able to prove your income via bank statements or other documents.

I am suffering from mortgage arrears, can I get finance?

Having failed repaying your mortgage in the past does not need to be the end of the road. iFinanceCars works with loads of lenders who are specifically geared towards lending to people with not so clean credit history.

I work for the armed forces, am I still welcome at iFinanceCars?

We know that living overseas for long periods of time or frequently moving barracks does not help your credit score. This is why we work lenders who are specialised in helping members of the armed forces to obtain car credit.

I have a very low credit score, will I be accepted?

We have successfully helped hundreds of customers with a poor or low credit score to obtain the car finance they needed.

Does applying for finance affect my credit score?

No, applying doesn’t affect your credit score as lenders now only carry out a soft search to not leave any information on your credit profile and only when you proceed with the finance that it becomes a requirement to record relevant information.

I have a car on finance currently, can I swap it?

YES!! You just need to obtain your settlement figure to allow
us to work out the best finance option to let you end your current
agreement and start a new one.