Car Finance in Edinburgh

Looking for car finance in Edinburgh? Then you probably already know how hard things can be.

Many banks won’t extend credit to anyone with a less than perfect credit score. Payday lenders, on the other hand, will gladly accept your application. But they’re obviously far too expensive.

So where to go?

We invite you to take the short drive to Glasgow to get the car finance deal you can’t get in Edinburgh.

Why travel to from Edinburgh to Glasgow to get car finance?

That’s a good question. But we have an even better answer for you: Because we genuinely care about getting people with bad credit behind the wheel again. And because we have some amazing car finance deals for our Edinburgh customers.

For those looking for car finance in Edinburgh, this is what we offer:

  • Tailor-made credits that take your personal budget into consideration. You won’t find any 0 percent car finance deals, because we consider them unrealistic – but just about anything else.
  • A very high approval rate even for those with bad credit. We don’t believe in guaranteed car finance, but we do accept most of those who apply.
  • A showroom filled with a wide range of great cars in all shapes and sizes.
  • A fast approval process: You could be driving home with your new car the very same day. This is one of the big benefits our Edinburgh customers appreciate.

What makes our approach unique

As mentioned, we invite everyone to apply for car finance with us, regardless of their credit history. This is why we get customers coming from nearby cities like Edinburgh every day.

Our approach to car finance is unique in that we don’t narrowly focus on your credit score. Instead, we look at your current income and job situation to establish how much you can realistically pay back each month. Then, we set the rate based on these numbers.

This allows us to accept customers who have been turned down several times because of their bad credit in Edinburgh.

Will it affect my credit score?

Applying for car finance will not negatively impact your credit score. As mentioned, we use a wide range of criteria to assert whether we can extend credit to you.

Our (digital) used car showroom

We firmly believe that if you’re going to buy a car, it should not be a pile of rust wheels. Instead, the cars in our showroom look and feel as good as new. We also feature many of the most popular models on the market – from the Ford Fiesta to the Nissan Quashqai and Volkswagen Golf.

If you’re coming over from Edinburgh, it makes sense to take a peek at our digital showroom first. Here, you’ll find an up to date selection of remarkably cheap cars which you can narrow down and sort by make, model, fuel type and price.

If you like what you see, you can give us a call at 0141 848 7733. If you do decide to give us a visit, make sure to take either a valid passport or your driving license with you.

How to find us

It takes roughly 60 miles or 1,5 hours to get from Edinburgh to our Paisley showroom.

Simply follow the M80 or M8 to Glasgow. Pass the House for an Art Lover (or visit it, if you’re so inclined) and the Queen Elizabeth University Hospital.

Take a turn left into Renfrew Road and follow it until you reach Northcraft Medical Centre. Turn right into Weir Street, then follow the A726 until you reach New Sneddon Street. We’re at number 28.