Car Finance in Aberdeen

Looking for car finance in Aberdeen? We may just have the solution to your quest – in Glasgow!

On paper, of course, car finance in Aberdeen is no different than it is anywhere else in Scotland:

You start by looking for a suitable model. Then, you apply for a loan at your local bank or credit union. If you’re lucky, you get accepted and take home a new car. If you’re not, it comes down to lather, rinse, repeat – or using public transport.

And yet, at iFinance we believe that we have something that makes it worth your while to come over from Aberdeen to our showroom near Glasgow: An approach to car credit that makes it possible even for those with a bad credit rating to find the perfect car.

But isn't it pretty far to get from Aberdeen to Glasgow?

Sure, we won’t deny it: Glasgow is not exactly around the corner from Aberdeen. Still, we believe it’s worth it.

Here’s what makes iFinance different from most other car finance companies:

  • You can get credit with us even if your credit rating is too low for most banks or credit unions. We specialise in bad credit car finance, regardless whether you’re from Aberdeen or Glasgow.
  • In fact, we won’t turn down anyone by default. Even if you’re currently unemployed or have mortgage arrears, do talk to us!
  • We won’t impose a one-size-fits-all interest rate on all our customers. Instead, we look at what you can afford – and then work out a cheap car finance solution together with you.
  • We have a vast selection of great vehicles on our premises at all time. And all of them look and feel great.
  • Applying for car credit with us will not negatively affect your credit score.

How does it work?

Car finance with iFinance is easy. Regardless of whether you’re from Glasgow or visiting from Aberdeen.

This is because, next to our physical showroom, we also have a digital car showroom. Here, you can check out many of our models before committing to a purchase.

We update our site daily, so do drop by regularly see check on new arrivals and fresh car finance deals. Once, you’ve found a car you like, give us a call at 0141 848 7733. We’ll talk through your questions and assess your financial situation. Then, we can make an appointment.

Make sure you take your passport and driving license. Once you’re approved, we can look for the right model for you. You could already be driving home in your new car the very same day!

How to find us?

The drive from Aberdeen to iFinance takes about 3 hours.

Drive down the A90 for 155 miles. Around Bannockburn, the A90 will change into the M80. Just keep following the road.

Pass the House for an Art Lover as well as the Queen Elizabeth University Hospital.

Take a turn left into Renfrew Road and follow it until you reach Northcraft Medical Centre. Turn right into Weir Street, then follow the A726 until you reach New Sneddon Street. We’re at number 28.